USA Pickleball Adds Quiet Category to Reduce Pickleball Noise

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As the governing body of pickleball, USA Pickleball recently launched the so-called Quiet Category to reduce pickleball noise during casual games. Introduced in September, this new category will highlight products that make only about half or less of the noise commonly produced by equipment used in community parks. The move is a response to the fast-growing number of new (and noisy) outdoor pickleball courts across the US.

"We are excited to introduce the new Quiet Category for pickleball equipment and related initiatives as a pivotal step in the evolution of pickleball. With the sport's growth, addressing noise concerns is essential to maintain a positive relationship between residential communities and facility operators." USA Pickleball Chief Executive Officer Mike Nealy said in the press release.

"We are continuing to develop guidance and resources that offer short- and long-term solutions that continue to enhance the sport. By working together with manufacturers and the entire industry, we can develop quieter options that benefit everyone." The former executive director of the Arizona Sports Foundation added, who was named the organization's CEO last June.

According to USA Pickleball, the organization has invested time and resources in the last 15 months to study and understand pickleball noise. Along with experts, the Quiet Category will provide guidelines to manufacturers, encouraging them to create products that significantly reduce noise during play. USA Pickleball is also set to share testing requirements and procedures with manufacturers for the creation of their products.

USA Pickleball noted that the Quiet Category will cover a wide range of products, including paddles, balls, paddle covers, and noise mitigation screens for pickleball courts. Additionally, the organization will launch an incentive program for manufacturers to deliver noise-reduced solutions in the Competition-Certified Category. USA Pickleball will also expand its site design, evaluation, and acoustic mitigation services within its Facilities Development program.

USA Pickleball is working with partners to reduce noise from pickleball games. They plan to implement experimental noise reduction solutions and standardize acoustic testing. Additionally, they will build noise mitigation into new pickleball facilities in development.

With that, it's safe to say that USA Pickleball is committed to battling pickleball noise, which serves as a barrier to the continuous growth of the sport (or at least the parks in neighborhoods). In the meantime, we can help reduce the noise by using high-quality pickleball paddles, putting cushions on court surfaces, and installing soundproofing materials on the walls of indoor courts.

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