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pickleball mixed doubles rec
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March 31, 2024

Top 15 Pickleball Myths and Strategy Misconceptions Debunked

Since its inception in 1965, pickleball has come a long way. Every year, the rules are revised and improved to ensure fairness to every player. However, some people got confused, and so pickleball myths were born. Another cause of the proliferation of myths about pickleball is the need for more research. In today’s post, we […]
pickleball lady running for a shot
Est. Reading: 8 minutes
March 29, 2024

15 Pickleball Shots and Strokes Every Player Should Master

Like in other paddle sports, pickleball players don't just hold their paddles and hit the ball. Aside from the rules, there are different pickleball shots that every player should know. If you are still a beginner, you should start learning them. While reading this guide, you might think some shots seem impossible to master. But […]
Lady playing pickleball
Est. Reading: 6 minutes
March 21, 2024

Tips and Drills to Improve Your Reaction Time in Pickleball

Pickleball is much slower than tennis, but it doesn't mean you can be slow during play. In fact, your reaction speed must be fast, especially if you and your opponent are at the non-volley zone line. Otherwise, you'll lose the rally, or the ball will hit you. If you feel the need for speed in […]
USA Pickleball certified referee Mark Peifer
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
March 20, 2024

How to Renew Your USA Pickleball Referee Certificate

Being a certified pickleball referee is both challenging and fun. As a sports official, you have a huge responsibility for making decisions. On the bright side, you will meet many players and learn from them.  Not to mention, pickleball referees receive pay depending on the level and the kind of tournament. So, if you want […]
Doctor Jo Knee Exercise
Est. Reading: 7 minutes
March 16, 2024

Pickleball Knee Injuries: Types, Exercises, and Prevention

The popularity of pickleball continues to increase, and there’s no sign of stopping. But while it’s relatively safe for all ages, some players may encounter injuries, especially in the joints. One of the most common complaints is the knee injury. Regarding speed and space, pickleball is more forgiving than tennis. However, some movements can lead […]
pickleball player tennis elbow risk
Est. Reading: 5 minutes
March 15, 2024

Pickleball Elbow: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention Tips

Pickleball is generally a safe sport, but some players can get hurt, too. Like tennis, this sport involves repetitive arm swinging, which can cause injuries such as pickleball elbow, also known as tennis elbow. But what exactly is pickleball elbow? How will you know if you have one? How can it be treated? These are […]
usa pickleball logo
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
March 14, 2024

USA Pickleball Explains On-Going Strategies to Reduce Noise

Players or not, anyone who knows about pickleball also knows its worst enemy—noise. We’ve seen it in the news and on social media. Almost every neighborhood with a pickleball court nearby has the same complaints. Fortunately, USA Pickleball is not turning a deaf ear to this issue. On Wednesday, March 13, USA Pickleball revealed some […]
pendulum circles shoulder exercise
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March 13, 2024

Pickleball Shoulder Pain: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Without a doubt, pickleball continues to be a phenomenal sport in the United States and has been spreading elsewhere. However, like other physical sports, pickleball players may experience some injuries, such as shoulder pain and injuries. Apparently, shoulder pain during pickleball does not only happen to seniors. This guide will give you ideas on the […]
childs pose exercise pickleball
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March 12, 2024

Pickleball Back Pain: Causes, Exercises, and Prevention Tips

Pickleball is less fast-paced than tennis, but it also requires quick movement in different directions. You must jump, twist, and bend on the court like any physical sport. It can lead to discomfort and lower back pain, regardless of your age. Sadly, back pain seems inevitable if the play is too intense. But don't worry; […]
pickleball players roger federer inset
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March 11, 2024

Roger Federer Reveals He Might Start Playing Pickleball

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer teases the world by revealing he might start playing pickleball. Yes, pickleball fans! You read it right. In fact, the 42-year-old former professional tennis player even joked about the shoes he might wear. Federer may have retired from professional tennis in September 2022 but has been busy with his entrepreneurial […]
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