WPR Pickleball Rating: How it Works, and Pros and Cons

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WPR stands for World Pickleball Rating and is a pickleball rating system based on the player's actual performance in tournaments. While it might not have the spotlight like other rating systems, understanding your WPR rating becomes a game-changer when you enter the tournament arena.

So, what exactly are WPR Ratings? How is it different from UTPR? More importantly, what are its advantages and disadvantages? Let's dive into the exciting realm of WPR Ratings to uncover its unique features, advantages, and potential downsides.

What Is A WPR Pickleball Rating?

A WPR pickleball rating is a tournament player rating system launched in 2021. It is being handled by the team at PickleballTournaments.com (PT), one of the sport's most famous tournament hubs and the exclusive software for all USA Pickleball-sanctioned tournaments. Tournaments run on PT since June 1, 2020, are included.

Launched in 2021, the WPR assesses the skill levels of pickleball players who joined PT-registered tournaments. The US Open Pickleball Championships, USA Pickleball Nationals, APP and PPA Tours are among them. The WPR rating also applies to non-sanctioned tournaments, provided they are registered at PT.

How Are WPR Pickleball Ratings Calculated?

WPR ratings are calculated based on the player's playing history at tournaments run by PickleballTournaments.com. As a dynamic tool, it uses the Glicko-2 rating system, an enhanced chess rating system developed by Professor Mark E. Glickman of Boston University. Each PT-registered player has a numerical WPR rating based on their actual performance, and are as follows:

  • 4-digit ratings for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles
  • 2-digit ratings at the end of every calendar quarter based on the level of a player's 4-digit ratings.

Performance-based ratings rely on the total number of match results played in PT-registered matches, how frequently a player plays, the expected score, the actual score, and the opponent's rating. All factors are computed, meaning self-ratings are only a guide for choosing a player's bracket skill level.

WPR Ratings Formula

To give you more idea of how WPR ratings work, below are the formulas used to compute them:

The formula for the new rating deviation (RD) is ϕ′=ϕ2+τ2​, where:

  • ϕ′ is the new RD
  • ϕ is the old RD
  • τ is a constant

RD is the rating deviation for each player and measures how uncertain the system is about the player's rating. Mathematically, the RD increases over time if the player does not play and decreases after each game. 

The formula for the expected score is E(r,rj​,ϕj​)=1+10−g(ϕj​)(r−rj​)/4001​, where:

  • r is your current rating
  • rj​ is your opponent's current rating
  • ϕj​ is your opponent's RD
  • g(ϕj​) is a function that reduces the impact of your opponents with high RD
  • g(ϕj​) is defined as g(ϕj​)=1+3q2ϕj2​/π2​1​, where q is a constant equal to ln(10)/400.

The formula for the new rating is r′=r+ϕ′21​+d21​q​j=1∑m​g(ϕj​)(sj​−E(r,rj​,ϕj​)), where:

  • r′ is your new rating
  • m is the number of your opponents
  • sj​ is the actual score against your opponent j. 
  • d2 is the change or rating based on the RD and the expected score. It is defined by d−2=q2j=1∑m​g(ϕj​)2E(r,rj​,ϕj​)(1−E(r,rj​,ϕj​))

If you hate math like me, don't worry. The WPR rating system will automatically do the computations for you.

How Do I Set My First WPR Rating?

You can rate yourself if you want to set your first WPR Rating but haven't played in any tournament run on PickleballTournaments.com. You can use the recommended 2-digit UTPR Pickleball Rating System as a guide to do that. However, I strongly recommend putting the lowest skill rating available.

Then, register at PickleballTournaments.com and set your ratings for Singles and Doubles but not for Mixed formats. Once you register for your next tournament, you'll need to verify the skill level of the bracket you want to participate in. The result of your next tournament will be on your account as your new WPR rating.

If your first qualifying tournament at PT is between June 2020 and December 2021, you no longer have to enter your WPR rating manually. It should already be in the system, and this will be your initial WPR rating. 

How is WPR different from UTPR?

UTPR stands for Universal Tournament Player Rating, a rating system implemented by USA Pickleball. Therefore, UTPR ratings are based only on the results of USA Pickleball-sanctioned tournaments. For complete details, check out our Pickleball UTPR Rating Guide.

On the other hand, if you have played in such tournaments and they are registered at PT, you will automatically have WPR ratings from their results. Again, all your past tournament results will also be considered, including non-sanctioned ones.

Why is My WPR Rating Unchanged Despite Joining PT Tournaments?

Again, all PT-registered tournaments are the basis for your WPR rating. However, some tournament directors (TDs) may have (intentionally or accidentally) not indicated it on their PT accounts. You see, TDs can choose whether they will include a tournament result for WPR ratings or not. The best thing you can do is to talk to your TD politely.

If I Have Doubts About My WPR, Can I Appeal?

Sure, you can. If your WPR rating is different from what you expected, below are the guidelines on how to appeal and the process:

  1. Send an email to wprappeal@pickleballtournaments.com and include the following information:
    • Your PickleballTournaments.com Account ID number
    • The reason for your appeal
  2. A WPR administrator will review your appeal.
  3. You will be notified within 15 business days after a decision has been made.
  4. If your appeal is approved, your WPR rating will be adjusted accordingly.


  • You can appeal if your WPR between Dec. 31, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2022  is +/- 0.75 of your UTPR. Make sure to include your UTPR in the information.
  • If you do not have a UTPR rating, provide details on what you believe your WPR rating should be and why.

WPR Ratings Pros and Cons

Like other pickleball player rating systems, WPR is not perfect and has its benefits and limitations. Here is a summary of its pros and cons:


  • Free
  • Specifically created for pickleball
  • Match scores are a factor
  • Applies to sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments
  • PT has a massive database of tournaments
  • Eliminates self-rating, which can lead to sandbagging
  • Adjusted quarterly (besides regular updates)
  • Simplified appeal process


  • Not applicable for rec plays and non-tournament events
  • Can be challenging for players who don't join tournaments regularly
  • Initial WPR rating from the first tournament might not be accurate
  • No mobile app
  • Not globally recognized

Final Thoughts

The WPR rating appears to be more accurate than UTPR and addresses the issue of sandbagging. I also like the fact that it embraces non-sanctioned tournaments. Yet, I can't help but dream of a broader WPR scope, spanning even more epic showdowns.

How about you? Are you riding the WPR wave? Is it the best player rating system in your playbook? Drop your thoughts in the comments – let's spark a gaming discussion!

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