USA Pickleball Updates Rule Changes Process for 2025

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USA Pickleball updated its process for revising the official pickleball rules for 2025.  This time, the nation's governing body has doubled on transparency, ensuring that the process of evolving the sport's rules is fair to everyone.

If you have been keeping a keen eye on the pickleball scene in recent years, you know that USA Pickleball has been fine-tuning the rulebook annually and making mid-year adjustments as needed. So, if you plan to submit your suggestions to change the rules in 2025, here is the process:

#1 Submission of Proposal of Rule Changes

As a member of USA Pickleball, you can submit a proposal from March 1 to 15, 2024. Make sure you provide complete details, including the title of your suggestion, the title and number of the rule you want to change, your proposed changes, and the reason behind it.

Once received, your proposal will have a permanent tracking number and be posted in the New Rulebook Database (NRD). Your identity will not be published, but a rules submission coordinator will email you confirming that your proposal is now on the NRD.

#2 Comments on Proposed Rule Changes

Once your proposal is published, all USA Pickleball members can post a comment until May 31, 2024, to explain why they agree or disagree with it. There's no mention that you will receive an email every time someone leaves a comment on your proposed change. Nonetheless, these comments, including your proposal, will be made public. 

#3 Rules Committee Review Process

The USA Pickleball Rules Committee will then carefully review all the proposed rule changes and comments in June. The committee members will then vote on each proposal, and any of three scenarios can happen:

  • The submitted proposal will be approved.
  • The submitted proposal will be declined/disapproved.
  • The submitted proposal will be semi-approved/approved but with some amendments.

The vote results will be added to the proposed changes on or before August 15, 2024, and the public can view it. It includes the reasons for the vote and amendments, if any. 

#4 Final Approval and Publication

The committee will submit the vote results to the USA Pickleball Board of Directors, who shall make the final approval on or before September 31. The board of directors' decision will be posted on NRD, and the new rules will be published at USAPickleball.org on December 1, 2024, for public viewing. The 2025 USA Pickleball Official Rulebook will take effect on or before January 1, 2025, and will be available on or around that date.

Reasons for Rejected Proposed Rule Changes

If USA Picklebell rejected your suggestion for a rule change and did not publish it, here are three possible reasons:

  • You are not a USA Pickleball member
  • Your proposal lacks the necessary information
  • Another member has already submitted a similar proposal or exactly the same one.

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Final Thoughts

Kudos to USA Pickleball for their dedication to refining their system and keeping things transparent. While I'm all for their efforts, let's be honest: some rules can be a bit head-scratching. My advice? Dive deep into the rulebook and tread carefully. 

If you've got ideas about how to make rules clearer, don't hold back! Go ahead and submit your proposal, and let your voice be heard. Speaking of which, do you think the existing rules are clear enough? Have you tried submitting a suggestion? What was the result?

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