Pickleball Paddle Weight Guide: How Heavy Should Your Paddle Be?

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Several key factors should be considered when buying a pickleball paddle, and weight is one of them. Simply put, the paddle weight directly influences all the components of a great pickleball player, including speed, control, power, and strength. 

But the million-dollar question is, “How heavy should my pickleball paddle be?” This paddle weight guide has answers and valuable tips. So, get your paddle and read carefully to learn how to choose the right paddle weight for you.

Why Weight Matters in Pickleball Paddles

The weight of your pickleball paddle matters a lot, as it determines how hard you can hit the ball and the direction of the ball. Every part of your paddle contributes to its weight, from the dimensions to the material. If you will use an overgrip, there will be added weight. An additional weight of one ounce can make a huge difference as you continue playing.

Moreover, choosing an inappropriate weight for a paddle can eventually cause arm and shoulder injuries. This is also why you should know how to measure your paddle grip size. In short, heavy pickleball paddles require you to exert extra force. On the other hand, the light ones will transfer the vibration caused by the ball throughout your arm.

What are Different Pickleball Paddle Weights?

There are no rules about pickleball paddle weights. Nonetheless, paddles can weigh between 6 and 14 ounces (oz.) With this wide range, there are three categories of paddle weights - lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight. Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages that you should know.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Lightweight pickleball paddles weigh 7.2 oz and below. With this weight, you can swing your paddle fast and efficiently and change grips with less effort. Therefore, this is ideal for quick movements and controlled shots and is a great energy saver.


  • Ideal for beginners and formal table tennis players
  • Feels more natural
  • Great for drop shots and soft dinks
  • Perfect for doubles
  • You can add weight if necessary


  • Creates more vibration when returning power shots
  • Not for players who are prone to tennis elbow
  • Challenging to use during windy conditions

Midweight Pickleball Paddles

Midweight pickleball paddles have a weight range of 7.3 - 8.4 oz. and are the best choice for balanced power and control. Being heavier than the lightweight, they require less power, especially when blocking shots.


  • Great for former and current tennis players
  • Ideal for outdoor matches and doubles
  • Good fit for players who suffer from tennis elbow


  • Can be a bit challenging during continuous power plays

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles

Heavyweight pickleball paddles weigh 8.5 oz or more and are the best choice for generating power. Hence, they require less speed compared to lightweight and midweight. The added weight also provides more stability when serving and returning shots.


  • Ideal for slower and more experienced players
  • Great for ex-tennis players
  • Not advisable for players with tennis elbow
  • Excellent for windy conditions


  • Definitely not for beginners
  • Can be challenging to use in the non-volley zone
  • Harder to control
  • Not so useful in doubles
  • Prolonged use can cause arm fatigue

How to Choose the Right Pickleball Paddle Weight

The different choices of paddle weights can overwhelm you, but don’t worry. They are just guides, not rules. If unsure, start with a midweight paddle and monitor its performance. Doing so lets you easily determine whether to decrease or increase the weight. Focus on being comfortable rather than power and speed. After all, a lighter paddle is not always the best choice.

If you want to know everything about choosing the best paddle, check out our Pickleball Paddle Guide.

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