16 Surprising Benefits of Pickleball to Kids and Teens

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Pickleball is America's fastest-growing sport for many excellent reasons, including that kids also love it. As parents, we only want the best for our children, and allowing them to play pickleball is a great idea. But what exactly are the benefits of pickleball to kids? Without further ado, below are some of the most important ones.

#1 Pickleball Brings Unique Kind of Excitement

Every sport can be fun, but pickleball has a unique way of bringing joy and excitement to children. Pickleball is slow at first due to the 2-bounce rule compared to other paddle or racket sports. However, it's the suspense that makes it exciting to watch. Once kids see players hitting winning shots, they visualize the magical moments of being inside the pickleball court. You'll then be surprised to hear your child say, "I want to do that, too!"

#2 It's Easy to Play

If you're starting to learn the pickleball rules, you might think they are difficult. It's probably because you compare it to other paddle or racket sports. But as you play the sport, you'll realize it's the other way around. Pickleball uses a lighter paddle than tennis, so your kids will find it easier to play. No wonder pickleball is also becoming a favorite sport for seniors and older adults.

#3 There's Some Great Health Benefits

Like other physical sports, pickleball helps a lot in improving a player's health. It enhances flexibility, hand coordination, footwork, and running. Therefore, pickleball is an excellent form of exercise for your children. But as mentioned earlier, pickleball is not always fast-paced, so children will stay energized inside the court. In general, pickleball has more physical health benefits for kids than you can imagine.

#4 Pickleball Enhances Child's Mental Abilities

Aside from physical health, pickleball can also help enhance your child's mental abilities. You see, this sport is not just about speed and power but also involves analysis. Pickleball players don't just hit the ball over to the net. They also think of ways their opponents will not be able to return it correctly and eventually commit mistakes. Like in chess, players should not only know how to attack but also how to defend their court.

#5 It Makes Kids More Social

Pickleball is a competitive sport, but it doesn't mean your child will become a warrior. And because it's also a friendly sport, kids will learn how to socialize with fellow players, including their opponents. Children playing pickleball can also gain new friends as they share their love for the sport. When playing In doubles, your child will learn to support, give way, and understand teamwork's essence.  

#6 It Builds Family Bonding

Introducing pickleball to your children and teaching them how to play is an excellent form of family bonding. It also allows you to know your child better in his growing years. Better yet, please bring them to a pickleball court and play with them. It's also an excellent way to encourage children to avoid gadgets, especially smartphones. If you're wondering how to teach pickleball to your child, here are some valuable tips.

#7 Pickleball has Fast Turnovers

Unlike tennis, a pickleball game is played to 11 points only and won by two and would take between 15 and 25 minutes. Each match is usually best-of-three; therefore, a two-game match would last 30-75 minutes. Advanced players may have longer rallies since they are less likely to commit errors. But for kids, you can expect them to make more errors, which means that rallies are shorter and have fast turnovers.

#8 It's a Very Safe Sport

Pickleball is generally safe for children. Thanks to the kitchen rules, pickleball players avoid getting hurt when their opponent is in the non-volley zone. With kids, they are not prone to back and leg injuries compared to tennis. Although accidents can still happen, they are not as dangerous as other sports. No wonder, three-year-old kids can start learning to play pickleball, and girls as young as 12 can join tournaments. 

#9 Smaller Court Size

The standard pickleball court measures 20 x 44 feet (6.10 x 13.41 m), while the minimum playing surface is 30 x 60 feet (9.14 x 18.29 m). Both singles and doubles use the same court size. On the other hand, a standard tennis court measures 60 x 40 feet. So, a pickleball court is only about 25% the size of a tennis court. Therefore, your child will not quickly tire running back and forth inside a pickleball court.

#10 Pickleball is Played Indoors or Outdoors

Pickleball was first invented as an outdoor sport and became an instant hit. As it became more popular, indoor games were introduced, and people liked them. As a parent, you can choose which type your child will play. Strong wind and the sun are the major obstacles in outdoor sports, while noise can hinder playing pickleball indoors. With that, you should consider the place before allowing your child to play.

#11 Pickleball is for All Seasons

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, it doesn't matter. Pickleball is a sport for all seasons, so your children can play it whenever they want. If summer is too hot or winter is too cold, playing indoors is the best solution. And since there's no off-season in pickleball, your children can play all year round without neglecting their studies. You can also have time to play with them or watch their tournaments.

#12 Equipment is Very Affordable

Pickleball is a very affordable sport, especially for kids and beginners. Depending on the material, pickleball paddles for kids can be as low as $25. Pickleball balls and shoes also come at reasonable prices. Most of all, there are a lot of public pickleball courts that you can use for free. If you prefer renting one, the fee will be divided by two or four if you play in doubles. You can also read our separate post about pickleball costs.

#13 Training + Camps are Everywhere

A quick search online will give you tons of results of pickleball camps for kids near you, especially if you're in the US. With the extreme popularity of the sport, there are plenty of certified pickleball trainers and coaches around the country. These camps offer various curriculums to help children improve their games. If you want to know more about pickleball camps and how to choose the right one for you, here are some great tips.

#14 There's Even Some Scholarship Opportunities

Pickleball is now being introduced in some elementary schools, particularly in P. E. classes. More importantly, some colleges and universities now offer scholarships for pickleball players. So yes, pickleball is also becoming a popular college sport. Although pickleball scholarships have yet to be widely available in other areas, there's a huge possibility that they will be offered as the sport spreads worldwide.

#15 They Can Travel

In case you don't know, pickleball tournaments are not only held in the US. So far, there are more than 90 countries around the world where pickleball is played. Therefore, if your child gets better in the sport and wins tournaments, they can also travel to different states and countries. Imagine your child being able to go places at an early age. Future travels could also be free courtesy of generous sponsors and brand owners.

#16 Career Opportunities!

Yes, pickleball is a career, and your child can be a famous professional player when he grows up. Pro pickleball players may not be as famous as professional tennis players, but they can also earn good money. Aside from the prize winnings from tournaments, your child may receive sponsorships and appear in TV commercials. In short, professional pickleball can be a lucrative career for anyone who loves the sport.

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Final Thoughts

Given all the above advantages of pickleball for kids, there's almost no reason why your child will not enjoy it. But beware, don't use the sport to spoil your child with his earnings if he starts winning tournaments. Remember, the main goal of pickleball is for players to have fun. Most of all, children should focus more on school and treat the sport only as a hobby. If they want to pursue another career later, let them be.

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