How to Add a Pickleball Paddle Overgrip (Step-by-Step Guide)

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As a pickleball player, you should always feel comfortable with your paddle. If your paddle grip is too small, you may add an overgrip instead of replacing your paddle. This layer will increase your grip size, help you play more efficiently, and win matches. This step-by-step guide will teach you to add an overgrip to your pickleball paddle.

What is an Overgrip in Pickleball?

Not to be confused with grip tape, an overgrip is a thin, adhesive layer of high-stretch material that you can use to wrap the handle of your pickleball paddle. Overgrips are cloth-like tape usually made of synthetic material such as premium silicone. They are sold in rolls or packs and come in various colors and sizes. 

Pickleball paddle overgrips vary in texture and thickness and can add about 1/16 of an inch to the original grip size. According to the USA Pickleball Official Rulebook, players can increase the paddle grip size by up to 1.0 inches (2.54 cm). There are three ways to measure your grip size, which are explained in our Pickleball Grip Size Guide.

Benefits of Adding Overgrip to Pickleball Paddle

Adding an overgrip to a new pickleball paddle is not a requirement, especially if you are already comfortable with your chosen grip. But then, overgrips are inexpensive and will not harm your wallet. More importantly, they offer a lot of benefits, such as the following:

Better Control of Paddle

Overgrips don’t only make your paddle look better; the added thickness of your grip also provides firmer and more secure handling of your paddle. Therefore, you can have better control as you swing your paddle and block powerful shots.

Enhanced Comfort

Prolonged use of smaller grips can cause discomfort to your arm and shoulder. It may even lead to injuries, such as tennis elbow. On the other hand, adding grip to your paddle offers extra cushioning that can make you feel more comfortable.

Moisture Absorption

Overgirps are also ideal if you have sweaty palms because they absorb sweat and moisture. Wet paddles tend to slip off your hand, especially during hot summer and humid conditions. In short, they help you minimize committing errors.

Easy Customization and Replacement

Because overgrips won’t cost you a fortune, you can easily customize the design of your paddle or use different colors for every match. Although durable and won’t tear easily, replacing them takes only a few minutes.

Improved Ergonomics

Having better control over your paddle and enhanced comfort result in improved ergonomics. It means you can easily maneuver your paddle, reach power shots, and change grips if necessary. In general, you can develop more playing techniques.

How to Add a Pickleball Paddle Overgrip

Adding an overgrip to your pickleball paddle is easy but can be challenging if you’re doing it for the first time. Therefore, I recommend buying at least two rolls. If you have them now, follow these steps carefully:

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Pickleball paddle
  • Overgrip
  • Finishing tape (included in the package)
  • Scissors or kitchen shears


  1. Remove the overgrip from the packaging and unroll it.
  2. Look for the tapered end, and take off the adhesive strip. This end is your starting point.
  3. If you are right-handed, align its edge with the left side of the butt cap of your paddle, so the wrapping should be clockwise. Do the opposite if you are left-handed.
  4. Wrap your paddle with the overgrip. Use a slight amount of tension while wrapping to avoid wrinkles.
  5. On the second turn, angle the tape a bit downward and make an overlap. Pro tip: If you want a thicker overgrip, make the overlap distance smaller. 
  6. Slightly continue the wrapping but maintain the tightness and evenness of the overlap.
  7. Once you get to the other end, cut the excess part at an angle parallel to the butt of your paddle. Don’t forget to leave some room so you can wrap the end firmly.
  8. Wrap this part with the finishing tape. Make sure that the overgrip is tight enough.

Congratulations! Your pickleball paddle now has an overgrip!

To help you more, here is a great tutorial video from Ed Ju.

Can I Use a Traditional Grip Tape as an Overgrip?

The straight answer is no; you cannot use traditional grip tape as an overgrip. These two tapes are not the same and have different purposes. Also called replacement grip, the grip tape is the original tape on pickleball paddles. 

On the other hand, overgrips are only for additional grip. They are also considerably thinner and cheaper than grip tape. Using grip tape to add grip will not work or cause a problem while you are playing.

Final Thoughts

Again, adding an overgrip to a paddle is not compulsory nor part of the official rules in pickleball. But then, its advantages tell us that using one can help improve plays. Once you try it, you will immediately notice the big difference. Don’t freak out if you fail in the first time. Try again until you succeed. Think of it as a loyal partner in winning matches.

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